L.V. Sutton CCR Landfill Cell Construction

Case Study

L.V. Sutton CCR Landfill Cell Construction


L.V. Sutton CCR Landfill Cell Construction


Fortune 150 Client – NC Coastal Region

Speed and safety, while in the spotlight.


The owner needed completely new facilities to handle updated coal ash disposal requirements

This time-sensitive project—involving six sophisticated landfill cells totaling 55 acres and facing heightened public scrutiny—demanded both an aggressive schedule and a commitment to the most sensitive safety and construction requirements.


Glover utilized its extensive company-owned equipment fleet and experienced team to manage multiple scopes and keep the project ahead of schedule

Glover efficiently handled the haul of both off-site and on-site material, installed erosion controls, and then used specially fabricated equipment in the bulk work before installing the leachate collection system.


  • The first phase was completed two weeks early.
  • The entire project was finished more than a year ahead of schedule.
  • Glover earned a Contractor Safety Award.
  • 180,000-cubic-yards of protective cover.
  • 800,000-cubic-yards of subgrade cut and fill.
  • 100,000-cubic-yards of clay soil liner.

Contract Value: $35 million

“Glover is among the best construction contractors that I have had the pleasure to work with during my over 20 year career. They consistently exceed all project demands whether they are time, budget, or schedule related.”
- Client Representative