Safety first, last and always.

Everyone talks about safety; we work hard to do something about it.

With things like well-established environmental, health and safety protocols on every job site. Mandatory safety training seminars that reinforce and refresh important lessons. And, a standing safety committee that brings together employees at every level of the company. Because at Glover, we don’t just take safety seriously; we take it actively.

Download a copy of our company-wide safety policy here.

Safety by the Numbers

We work hard to keep our Experience Modification Ratio (EMR) low every year. So far, so good.

2021 EMR:
2022 EMR:
2023 EMR

Glover safety certifications include:

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • OSHA 500
  • OSHA 501
  • OSHA Competent Person
  • Trenching and Excavation
  • Confined Space
  • Fall Protection
  • NC Traffic Control
  • VA Traffic Control
  • SC Traffic Control
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • AED
  • HAZWOPER 40 Hour & 8 Hour Refresher
  • MSHA Certifications
  • Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management
  • Mining Foreman
  • Responsible Land Disturbers
  • Alcohol and Drug Recognition
  • Hazardous Waste Operations

Safety on every job. Every day.

It is the policy of Glover Construction/Contracting Co., Inc., to ensure a workplace that is safe, secure, healthy, and environmentally conscience for its employees, subcontractors, suppliers, site and office visitors, as well as project owner representatives. Glover prides itself on a Safety Culture that is predicated on three key focus areas:

  1. An effective accident and illness prevention program that helps eliminate workplace hazards.
  2. Ongoing company-wide safety training; mandatory for all employees.
  3. “See Something, Say Something”, and the ability of all employees, subcontractors, suppliers, site and officer visitors, as well as project owner representatives to exercise stop-work authority.

All employees and subcontractors are required to adhere to Glover’s Emergency Action and Hazard Communication plan—as well as the safety program required by the owner of each project.

All Glover job sites require ANSI Z89.1-approved hard hats, Class 2 high-visibility safety vests, ANSI Z87.1-safety glasses, and steel toe or composite safety shoes. If task-specific Personal Protective Equipment is required, we’ve got that too.

Before every shift, Glover superintendents perform site safety inspections and conduct task-specific safety briefings. Because once is not enough.

Download a copy of our company-wide safety policy here.

The Training Never Stops

Topics for our monthly training seminars include:

  • Slip, Trip, And Fall Hazards
  • Hazard Communication
  • Heat Stress Prevention
  • Struck-By Hazards​​
  • Confined Space Entry​
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Silica Exposure Prevention
  • Electrocution Hazards ​
  • Fire Prevention

The Monitoring is Ongoing

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