Finished Cells 3 & 4 and Exising Northeast

Sampson County Landfill – Roseboro

Case Study

Sampson County Landfill – Roseboro, NC


Sampson County Landfill – Roseboro, NC


Waste Industries and Smith-Gardner


In a relatively rural county, inland from coastal area stands the only county landfill, which receives an influx of storm-related trash every few years from major hurricanes.


A tried and true relationship with the client. We have a long track record of working with Waste Industries and Smith-Gardner across the southeastern U.S., constructing and closing landfills, and completing 11 projects to-date.


  • For more than two decades, Glover Construction has developed this 135-acre landfill site for Waste Industries, Inc.
  • Glover Construction has moved more than 2.5 million cubic yards at this overall site alone. 
  • A skilled and reliable workforce from the surrounding area that has been with us for nearly two decades, many of them, since the first few projects, including superintendents, foreman and equipment operators. 

Contract Value: Approximately $50 million across all past projects at the Sampson County Landfill.


  • As of December 1, 2019, Glover Construction will be back on site, in partnership with Waste Industries and Smith-Gardner to construct Cell 11, a 21-acre cell with an anticipated completion date of Spring 2019.


  1. Landfill Cell Construction – 20-acres, 2000
  2. Existing Cell Closure – 40-acres, 2001
  3. Landfill Cells 3A & 5 Construction New Cell – 24.5-acres, 2003
  4. Cell 6 Underdrain GGW Project, 2004
  5. Cell 6 Construction – 21.5 acres, 2005
  6. Cell 7 Underdrain Installation and Cell Excavation, 2008
  7. Cell 7 Construction – 29.5 acres, 2009
  8. Cell Underdrain Installation and Excavation, 2010 9. Cell 8 Construction – 27.3 acres, 2011
  9. Cell 7 Ring Cap Partial Closure – 2 acres, 2012
  10. Cell 9 Underdrain Installation and Excavation, 2014