Finished Cells 3 & 4 and Exising Northeast

Sampson County Landfill – Roseboro

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Sampson County Landfill – Roseboro, NC


Sampson County Landfill – Roseboro, NC


Waste Industries (now GFL Environmental)




In a relatively rural county, inland from the coastal area stands the largest landfill footprint in the state of North Carolina. In addition to receiving an influx of storm-related trash every few years from major hurricanes, the Sampson County Landfill receives municipal trash from Wake County and North Carolina’s Capital City – Raleigh – daily as a result of growing populations.


A tried and true relationship with the client. We have a long track record of working with Waste Industries and Smith-Gardner across the southeastern U.S., constructing and closing landfills, and completing 11 projects to-date.


  • For more than two decades, Glover Construction has developed this 135-acre landfill site for Waste Industries and GFL Environmental.
  • Glover Construction has moved more than 2.8 million cubic yards overall at this site alone.
  • We have been working with a skilled and reliable workforce from the surrounding area, including superintendents, foremen and equipment operators, many of whom have been with us since the first few projects two decades ago.
  • Contract Value: Approximately $55 million across all past projects at the Sampson County Landfill.


  1. Landfill Cell Construction – 20 acres, 2000
  2. Existing Cell Closure – 40 acres, 2001
  3. Landfill Cells 3A & 5 Construction New Cell – 24.5 acres, 2003
  4. Cell 6 Underdrain GGW Project, 2004
  5. Cell 6 Construction – 21.5 acres, 2005
  6. Cell 7 Underdrain Installation and Cell Excavation, 2008
  7. Cell 7 Construction – 29.5 acres, 2009
  8. Cell Underdrain Installation and Excavation, 2010 9. Cell 8 Construction – 27.3 acres, 2011
  9. Cell 7 Ring Cap Partial Closure – 2 acres, 2012
  10. Cell 9 Underdrain Installation and Excavation, 2014
  11. Cell 11 Construction – 21 acres, 2020