Fairfax County VA Landfill

I-95 Landfill

Case Study

I-95 Landfill


I-95 Landfill


Fairfax County, VA

More than 1.1 million people live in Fairfax County (not including businesses and those who work in the County), which accounts for a lot of waste, meaning large landfills are necessary in a timely manner.


Glover Construction led three projects, including the construction of:

  1. the cap of a 20-acre ash cell
  2. 80 acres of an MSW cell
  3. a 10-acre cell


Over the course of four years, Glover Construction moved more than one million cubic yards of dirt to create this 105-acre landfill.


  • The completion of all three projects, which resulted in the following landfills:
    • I-95 Landfill Phase IIIA Cell Construction (10 acres), Part 2 and Phase IVB Ash LandfillCaps (20 acres), 2007
    • I-95 Landfill Area 3 Part 1 MSW Cap – 80+ acres, 2005
    • I-95 Landfill Area 3 Phase IIB Ash Cell Construction – 11 acres, 2004

Contract Value: $17.9 million (three projects)