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Fortune 250 Energy Client – Mid-Atlantic

Case Study

Fortune 250 Energy Client – Mid-Atlantic


Coal Combustion Residuals Consolidation


Fortune 250 Energy Client – Mid-Atlantic

Under-budget CCR consolidation. In record time.


Stabilize and consolidate coal ash from 4 ponds into a larger perimeter pond 

To meet new EPA Coal Combustion Residuals requirements, saturated material had to be removed within just 6 months—no, wait, make that 4 months—and dried for use in a pond which had to be capped within 2 years.


Glover developed an alternative methodology to improve chances of meeting all client goals 

Glover used mechanical dredging rather than hydraulic so the material could be moved quickly and stockpiled in a condition suitable for use as subgrade material, while complying with all state and federal regulations.


  • By creating a unique teaming approach with a specialty dewatering company, Glover was able to excavate material exposed to less than a week of pre‐drainage dewatering.
  • 963,000 cubic yards of CCR material was moved in 4 months, far beyond the original goal of 750,000 cubic yards in 6 months.
  • The project was completed in record time with zero recordable accidents, lost time or environmental impacts.

Contract Value: $19 million