Glover Construction is experienced in large-scale, lined coal ash landfill construction and coal ash handling/transportation. Our extensive knowledge plus our fleet of equipment make us uniquely equipped to take on these critical jobs for the energy industry.


Belews Creek

Glover Construction was hired to develop a 36.8 acre lined cell for the sole purpose of ash storage. The project required clearing, erosion control, mass excavation of ash and soil, installation of a leachate collection system, and placing concrete to establish permanent ditches.

Approximately 250,000 cubic yards of ash was removed from the primary ash pond, transported through the operating plant, and staged for placement in the newly constructed cell. Relocation of the ash required moving numerous trucks through and during plant operations,which was accomplished without incident or accident. Additionally, a new haul road was constructed of placed concrete creating 1.5 miles of new road surface.



For this project Glover Construction was charged with creating a 26.5-acre lined cell for ash storage. Prior to shaping the cell to design grade, 80,000 cubic yards of ash was hauled and placed to create the subgrade for the cell. An additional 300,000 cubic yards of select soil was hauled from an off-site source to complete the cell footprint. The project required clearing, establishing erosion control devices, installing leachate collection system, and stabilizing  on- and off-site disturbed areas. All work ran concurrently with daily plant operations without creating interruption.

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