Airport and Dam

Glover Construction has almost six decades of experience building runways and aviation support roadways and protecting lakes and dams. An amazing level of complexity is associated with these projects, and Glover approaches each job with care and precision.


Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)

Glover Construction was tapped for the development of a new general aviation area and a taxiway extension connecting the runway to the new general aviation area. The project required grading of taxiway extension, general aviation area with hangar pads, and an access road. In addition, Glover did 28,000 square yards of concrete pavement for the taxiway and hangar pads and asphalt pavement for the apron area and the access road. Glover also relocated utilities including water, electrical, navigational equipment, and lighting. Additionally, we created a storm water drainage system, and a large modular retaining wall. Throughout this project, Glover operated in a manner that did not disrupt the airport’s use of the nearby runway or its navigational systems.


Lake Lure, North Carolina

The town of Lake Lure hired Glover Construction to remove sediment that had accumulated from a large rainfall event and was blocking access to the public resort area of the lake. The lake elevation was lowered 13’ to give access to the sediment before Glover began work. Glover removed more than 250,000 cubic yards of sediment using large excavators and hauled it to several different disposal sites. These sites were seeded and restored to a usable condition, and the lake was returned to its normal elevation, all well before the start of the tourist season.


Franklin County (North Carolina) Airport

Glover Construction was selected for the construction of a new 5,000 linear foot airport runway and taxiway for the Franklin County Airport. The project consisted of site clearing, 1.1 million cubic yards of earthwork, storm drainage system installation, erosion control, seeding the site, and grading the runway and taxiway prior to paving.

Our Other Projects