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H.C.S.W.A. Horry County Landfill - 27 November 2008

Glover Construction Co. Inc. is a well established , 55 year old, grading contractor specializing in mass excavation. We have an excellent reputation in the industry for handling difficult projects on time, on budget, safely, and without contractor generated "Change Orders.”

With a vast fleet of larger than industry standard equipment, we move millions of yards of earth each year. Our projects include: residential/resort development, highways, landfills, large commercial and industrial site development, wetland mitigation, dredging, and airport construction.

Custom Fabrication

The fleet of heavy equipment and trucks that Glover Construction Co. Inc. has amassed over the years has been an overwhelming contributor to our success. If a job ever required a piece of larger or specialized equipment to complete it faster, more precisely, or more cost effectively, we were more than willing to make that investment.

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Leadership, Expertise, and Size At Work

The Glover Construction management, staff, and fleet have combined to move millions of dirt a year for over a half a century. By specializing in mass excavation, we have been fortunate to work on many exciting projects throughout the east coast. In 55 years of business we can honestly say, “We have always finished on time and never had a bad job.” It may sound hard to believe, but we have a reference list from every job that will confirm this bold statement, and we encourage new clients to call them all.



An Example of Our Capabilities


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